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~ Prankster's Plugins ~

Special thanks to all my testers: Damiyen, Dark Matilda, Dee, Eternity, Fancypants, Geeky, Goldiie, Hypnotiq, ichat2much, lola, LucidBatt, Mir, Peppermint, SeaAmethyst.

~ Chat Tools ~

MacroMagic 2.1 [Download]

MacroMagic 2.1 allows you to save 120 macros per file.

Chatify 1.4 [Download]

A full featured communication filter and chat logger for MW.

MetroSpeaker 1.1 [Download]

You can put long speeches into metrospeaker and set a delay between each line for it to be recited.

Metro Responder [Download]

Use this tool to keep up with conversation in large groups.

~ Hosters ~

Riddler 1.1 [Download]

A Riddle Hoster. Crash Protection Included.

Prankster's Slots+ Hoster 2.2 [Download]

A new Slot Hoster for a new world. Optional Wild Reel, as well as a new Devil Reel.
Is compatible with older player cards.
1.1 - Fixed Delete Player, Improved List Triples/Devils.
2.0 - Fully functional, tested with 30 players.
2.1 - two small changes, fixed a glitch with the machine tampering sliders & added a 'deleted player' list
2.2 - Much needed fixes and improvements to the deleted player list, plus a new "Small Mode" (shown in the new screenshot)

Wheel Of Fortuity 1.0 [Download]

A hoster for a game that's somewhat similar to Wheel Of Fortune, but for copyright purposes has nothing at all to do with it. ;)

Eternity Typo 1.1 [Download]

This hoster was made for MetroWorlds, imagined by Eternity, coded by Prankster.
The host says a sentence, players get points based on how quickly they can ESP the sentence back to the host WITHOUT any typos.
1.1 - Increased the randomness of the sentence generator.

Prankster's Name Caller 2.0 [Download]

This name caller has three settings: Call in order of ESP received, Call in alphabetical order, and Call in random order. It also has a Dooprize Draw which can be used simultaneously without changing the calling order.
2.0 - Improved Crash Protection

PayAttention Hoster 2.1 [Download]

This game asks confusing and misleading questions to see who's really paying attention. The answers are easy. The questions are hard.

2.0 increase the question categories from 4 to 6. Crash protection added.
2.1 - Improved Crash Protection

Match Game Hoster 2.1 [Download]

This program allows you to maintain virtual box grids, such as might be used when hosting Match Game. You can create and save/load box grids of any dimensions you want.
1.1 : Added Name Caller and DP draw features.
Note: you can still download a version without the features added in 1.1 here.
2.0: Since the box grids can already be saved and loaded at will, crash protection was added to the name caller and dp draw.
2.1 - Improved Crash Protection

Pass The Pigs! Hoster 1.3 [Download]

The Hoster for Pass the Pigs was designed to be easy to use and compact. It's now easier than ever to enjoy this classic dice game.
1.1 : Minor fixes for stability when hosting.
1.2 : Fixed issue with doubles.
1.3 : Fixed the (Player Card) bug where player's total score was displayed incorrectly sometimes. Also fixed GUI problems.

Word Scramble Hoster 1.0 (TIERED VERSION) [Download]

Point-Tiered Scramble host. This is slightly different from the cutthroat hoster, answers can be ESP only, and points are rewarded based on the order answers are received. Also, there's a small delay when drawing words to make it less competitive.

Word Scramble Hoster 1.0 (CUTTHROAT VERSION) [Download]

Cut-throat style Scramble Hoster. First answer in wins.

pRaffle 1.0 [Download]

pRaffle or Prankster Raffle is a good, old fashioned raffler. No fancy bells and whistles, just a prize draw designed for maximum speed.

~ Hosting Tools ~

8 - Bit JackPot Keeper[Download]

This is a side-program for keeping a jackpot. Counts tokens as they are donated, keeps track of who donated how much, and does it all with a retro-gaming GUI :P
Yes, I drew the graphics.

Score Keeper 1.1[Download]

A program for keeping running point totals.
Can optionally load from CrashProt backups (created by Prankster's Hosters)
Thank you Marianne G for the idea to make this.
1.1 - More CrashProt loading capabilities. Option to save lists as a plain text file. Give X and Take X buttons (can be adjusted for 1-25000 points per click)

Winner Submission Tool [Download]

This tool no longer has much use. Use the Metropolis Gaming Central website instead. MW Links

~ Player Cards ~

Cards Against Hypnotiq Player Card v.1.0[Download]

Warning: This is an adult game and as such you may be exposed to words or phrases that can be considered offensive during gameplay.
1.0- 55 Black Cards, 170 White Cards

Prankster's Slot Card 1.6 [Download]

Prankster's Slots Card. A graphical slots card, with auto option.
This card is fully compatible with other slots hosters.
1.1- Added Always On Top option, Auto Settings menu, and Payouts List.
1.2- Fixed Auto Settings menu.
1.3- Broken version. If you have 1.3 download an updated one immediately.
1.5- Stable, Small GUI improvements, will ALWAYS send in first round holds (Auto Mode).
1.6- 3 user suggested improvements added: buttons to manually load/sort the payouts, basic macros for gameplay, and bolder, easier to read reels.

Lazy Card 1.0 [Download]

The Lazy Card was made to provide a card for all the games that don't need one.
This player card works with: 21, Pick Pocket, Prize Draw, Even Bet, Mix and Match, Triva, RPS (and RPS variants like Lizard Spock.) It also has basic macros and a tiebreaker answerer.

Pass The Pigs! Player Card 1.1 [Download]

Pass the Pigs is back! This is a simple game. Players take turns rolling a pair of pigs, which can cause you to gain or lose points. To bank your points you have to pass, so decide carefully when you risk it for more points and when you want to play it safe.
1.1 - Fixes the bug where total points would sometimes display incorrectly. Also fixed the issue of the copyright text being hidden by mistake, and small improvements to the card's efficiency.

Updated 10/25/17